Electrification Expertise and Services

Comprehensive Electrification Solutions

We partner with in-house teams at both the start-up and established business levels to create comprehensive electrification strategies and support at any stage in the process.

We have a unique technical understanding of batteries, powertrains, power electronics and vehicle systems. Plus, we utilize advanced, OEM-caliber tools to achieve an even more granular understanding of emergent and evolving technologies.

Consulting and Engineering Services

We work with your team to understand your goals and to create an electrification program that suits the needs of your industry and customers. If your team is just starting an electrification strategy, this is where it begins.

Business Planning
Feasibility and requirements consultation
Initial timeline, cost and investment estimates
Go-to-market strategy
Engineering and Design
Battery sizing and cell selection
System requirements and initial design
Identify bill of materials
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Rapid Prototyping

Our team leverages full-stack electrification expertise to design and fabricate advanced working models. We then iteratively improve efficiency, cost, and functionality to prepare the product for full production.

Proof of concept leadership and build
Engineering analysis, modeling & simulation
Certification standards
Comprehensive program management
Initiate supplier and components sourcing

Supply Chain and Sourcing

Our goal is to empower your team to succeed for years to come with a commercialized product. Our team has access to a wide range of early-stage and productionized components and technologies through a robust global supply chain network.

Identify scalable bill of materials
Hardware supply chain management support
Risk analysis review
Volume manufacturing transition support

Focus On Commercialization

We marry technical and commercial feasibility and planning to ensure that your electrified products go beyond the proof of concept stage into full commercial viability.

Dynamic Consulting

This new, emerging field can be extremely complex. We partner with your team to evolve and adapt your business to the dynamic world of electrification.

Customized Planning

Successful electrification strategies go beyond “plug-and-play” solutions by integrating both custom and off-the-shelf components.

Comprehensive Expertise

From business planning and certification mapping to proof of concept and production, we have your electrification strategy covered.


We are here for your electrification needs.

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Evolectric’s mission is to advance global electrification by enabling and providing products and services that unlock current and new electrification technologies to emerging markets and underserved segments.

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