Battery System Solutions

Bespoke Battery
Hardware + BMS Solutions

Our in-house battery experts can provide production ready products or customize a solution that is safe, reliable, and optimized for performance.

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Customized Battery Solutions

Our in-house team can customize battery hardware and software to serve your segment, whether you need a one-off product or a scalable solution.

Rapid prototyping

Engineering analysis, modeling & simulation

Seamless integration across the entire e-powertrain

Application-based battery sizing

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Direct Battery Sourcing

From initial testing to long term supply chain management, we vet battery manufacturers to supply the best solution for your needs.

Requirements-based product match

Off-the-shelf battery packs and components

Modular battery sizing

Included battery warranty

Battery Technology Enabling an Electrified Future

Modular Software

Evolectric designs and tests customized Battery Management Systems (BMS) to seamless integrate with battery packs and the rest of the e-powertrain.

Circular economy

We develop battery and vehicle technologies that unlock the integration of affordable used batteries and vehicles. We work to integrate vehicle battery hardware that is ready to enter the circular economy through second-life applications and beyond.


We are here for your
battery needs.

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Evolectric’s mission is to advance global electrification by enabling and providing products and services that unlock current and new electrification technologies to emerging markets and underserved segments.

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