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Our smart CircularEV™ technology converts existing commercial fleets to 100% electric, helping businesses big and small reduce their operating costs and meet environmental regulations.

Accelerating Fleet Electrification

A complete CircularEV™ solution that fits your needs

Circular Electric Vehicles

Electrify your existing gas-powered fleet or purchase fully-converted vehicles from us directly.

Leverage existing infrastructure
Included e-powertrain warranty
Ongoing service and maintenance

Fleet Electrification Support

We work with your operations team every step of the way to meet your individual fleet needs.

Fleet intelligence
Charging Infrastructure
Vehicle Financing & Insurance

 EVO CEV45 Kit Specifications

Fast Charging

Fast Charging

One hour or less
CCS1 Combo

Urban Driving Optimized

Urban Driving Optimized

100+ Miles  |  160+ Kilometers
Real-world range

Power & Torque

Power & Torque

200 kW | 1,770 Nm
(Higher power options coming)


Thermal System

Active temperature regulation for optimal battery & motor performance



Minimum 25% incline



Up to 19,500 lb / 8,845 kg
(Higher weight options coming)

Additional Features:

Digital instrument panel and push-button drive selector
Hands-free infotainment system with CarPlay/AndroidAuto and back-up camera
Future options to include ADAS enhancements and V2G via software updates

Our Backers & Supporters

Same trucks, new tricks.

We integrate circular economy principles with the latest EV technology to make EV adoption the best long-term choice for your business – and the planet.

Faster Than New

Go electric in less time than it takes for the purchase and delivery of a new vehicle, while integrating efficiently and effectively with your current fleet.

Lower Costs, Greater Rewards

Extend the life of your fleet vehicles for up to 45% less than the upfront cost of purchasing new vehicles, all while reducing your environmental waste and carbon emissions.

Purpose-Built Solutions

Our team uses advanced engineering processes, automotive practices, and total cost of ownership models to design scalable, accessible and reliable solutions that become standardized for the vehicles you already love.

Fleets of the Future

Access driver safety features, vehicle-to-grid capabilities, and other cutting edge electric fleet management technologies that deliver actionable analytics for optimizing your fleet operations.

CircularEV: The smart, sustainable way to electrify your fleet.


Upcycling to a CircularEV lowers your upfront cost up to 45% compared to purchasing a brand new vehicle.


Our top tier smart EV technology extends the life of your vehicles by another 10+ years.


Our off-the-shelf kits are easily installed into your fleet by certified technicians near you.

Existing Diesel Fleet

All New Electric Fleet

CircularEV™ Fleet

Upfront Cost
Maintenance & Fuel Costs
Compatible with Existing Fleet
Complies with Emissions Regulations
 Lead Time
 1+ Years
1+ Years
Ecosystem of Partners
Lifetime Carbon Footprint

Our Backers and Supporters

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Evolectric’s mission is to advance global electrification by enabling and providing products and services that unlock current and new electrification technologies to emerging markets and underserved segments.

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