Evolectric Scholarship

Clean Technology Fund

Every year we award a scholarship of $750 to deserving students who attend any California-based University. Students should possess a clear goal of desiring to make their community, environment, or world a better and more sustainable place to live.

Students should illustrate how they believe that this can be accomplished through clean technology -- preferably through transport electrification which facilitates the transition from combustion engines to electric motors and batteries.

Students should be able to show prior interest and/or education in the field. Criteria for awarding the scholarship is based on leadership skills, student motivation, enthusiasm, and commitment which is to be reflected through the responses to the questions in the application.

**Applications are now closed.**


Application Process:

Application Evaluation - Applications to be reviewed by Evolectric team

Application Evaluation Points - Applicants will be awarded points and the top five will be selected and notified

Social Media Contest - Top five applicants will take part of a social media contest

Social Media Contest Points - Applicants will recieve additional points based on contest ranking

Scholarship Awardee Selection - Applicant with the highest points will be awarded this year's scholarship

Application Point System: (Up to 16 points)

Question 1 & GPA - Up to 3 Points

Question 2 - Up to 4 Points

Question 3 - Up to 4 Points

Social Media Contest - Up to 5 Points

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