Lithium-Ion Batteries 101

Rechargeable batteries are now extending far beyond providing the power for small, portable devices and are extending their adoption to larger mobile and stationary use. While the motor may be the source that actually propels an electric vehicle, the battery pack is its virtual heart and soul. A battery is an electromechanical device that stores and delivers energy. Energy is chemically stored in the battery and when the terminals of the battery are connected through a resistive load, electrical energy passes through the circuit.

Batteries are often separated into two categories, primary batteries and secondary or storage batteries. Primary batteries are designed to only be used once, by drawing a current until the voltage becomes too low and then discarding the cell. Secondary batteries are constructed in a way to allow the cell to be recharged after partial or complete discharge.

In this whitepaper, take a closer look at lithium-ion batteries with a focus on:

Types of Lithium Ion

Cell Form Factors

Thermal Management

Battery Management System

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