Accelerating Fleet Electrification

Powered by Evolectric

We offer full-vehicle integrated solutions using intelligent electric powertrain systems to maximize efficiencies and lower operating fleet costs.

We work with local OEMs and upfitters to serve fleet owners by providing promising, innovative, and quality offerings to better improve logistics that meet fleet managers’ transportation requirements.

CircularEV™ Solutions

Our team tailors solutions for fleet owners by leveraging a vertically integrated approach to design and source vehicles that fit your fleet’s needs. We take a total cost of ownership (TCO) approach to ensure that your fleet is optimized for your operations.

Fleet owners are faced with demanding regulations needed to be met as early as 2030. Evolectric is dedicated to make the process seamless and effortless with our solutions to keep your operations continuously running while meeting your long-term zero-emission plans.

We want to be your partners in the electrification process to capitalize on lower costs of maintenance, higher accessibility to clean energy, lower fuel costs, and longer useful life of the vehicle which brings a lower total lifetime cost of ownership.

Repowered Vehicles

Electrify your existing fleet by swapping internal combustion motors for an e-powertrain solution, including the battery.

Leverage existing infrastructure
Modular battery sizing
Included e-powertrain warranty
Ongoing service and maintenance

Refurbished Vehicles

Evolectric finds the right certified pre-owned vehicles to suit your fleet and integrates a right-sized e-powertrain and battery.

Certified pre-owned vehicles
Modular battery sizing
Included e-powertrain warranty
Ongoing service and maintenance

Fleet Electrification Support

We work with your operations team to iteratively improve efficiency, cost, and functionality across your entire fleet. Evolectric bundles service packages that are tailored to individual fleet needs.

Vehicle Services
Fleet Intelligence
Charging Infrastructure
Service & Maintenance
Charging Infrastructure

Evolectric’s in-house team provides charging strategies to serve your unique market. We help source the right equipment to suit varied fleet situations.

Vehicle Financing

Fleet electrification initiatives can be costly due to high upfront costs when purchasing EVs. We partner with trusted financing institutions to reach scale and unlock affordability.


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Evolectric’s mission is to advance global electrification by enabling and providing products and services that unlock current and new electrification technologies to emerging markets and underserved segments.

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