Chad Burchett


Advisory Board member, Product Strategy

We constantly seek ways to innovate and lead the transformation towards sustainable electric mobility. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a key new member to our team, who will bring a fresh wave of innovation to our company and deepen our commitment to fleet electrification and data analytics to drive a greener future.

We are pleased to welcome Chad, who joins us as a Product Strategy Advisory Board member. With a fresh vision and strategic approach, Chad will use his extensive experience to guide Evolectric to new heights in product development and the implementation of advanced fleet electrification solutions.

Through an insightful conversation with Chad, we’ll explore Evolectric’s innovations and developments in fleet electrification and data analysis. Get ready to discover how his addition to the team marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in our mission to lead the charge toward an energy-efficient and sustainable future.

Tell us about yourself and your journey and professional background.

I am a fun-loving, naturally curious person who wants to take on the hardest challenges to make things a reality. I have always taken on the most difficult assignments, as I find it extremely fulfilling to make things others feel impossible possible. I am in my 25 th year in the truck and bus industry, having held various roles from manufacturing to product development to cross- functional leadership.

Why did you choose this specific field/industry for your career?

Right place at the right time, based on graduating from Virginia Tech while already working for Volvo Trucks of North America just down the road.

What were some big milestones in e-mobility that you’ve encountered in your career?

I was the Chief Architect and Project Manager of the Volvo VNR Electric for the Volvo LIGHTS project as well as the commercial offer. I was the Technical Advisor for the Mack Medium Duty Electric which launched tothe market recently. Some of my more recent milestones are soon to be publicly released in the upcoming months.

Evolectric’s mission is to advance global fleet electrification starting with the US and Latin America.

How do you see yourself adding to this mission?

I am happy to bring my passion and experience to help the team with its mission to decarbonize the transportation market. We can further expand the offering for the future and meet additional needs without having to redesign the entire system to scale into other use cases.

What inspired you to collaborate with Evolectric on Product strategy?

I have known Bill Beverly for some time now, and I really like what him and Jackson are developing for the market. Evolectric is focused on a sector that is ready to scale for e mobility right here and right now.

What trends have surprised you in adopting electric commercial vehicles?

I am surprised to see that the adoption rate has not accelerated exponentially for market segments where the product and charging infrastructure are available.

How do you think the industry will evolve/change in the next five years?

I feel that once the incentives for new vehicles start to taper out, that fleets will start to embrace the concept of using their existing vehicles as a base to convert to an electric vehicle in a quality assured process with authorized and trained dealerships.

What is one innovation that you hope all fleet owners adopt?

A fleet management tool helps them manage the routes, conditions, and dwell times to make for a seamless operation. The driver does not have to plan their daily operation each day, so they can focus on driving the vehicle safely to make their deliveries and pick-ups and move freight more effectively.

What do you find most interesting about how electric vehicles work?

The pure simplicity of it all. As long as the controls’ logic is sound, the basics are very simple of the current into and out of the battery for propulsion with losses of less than 10% compared to other forms of propulsion where a majority of the energy is not utilized.

Is there a quote that motivates you?

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Mark Twain who is my 3 rd cousin 3 times removed