Evolectric attends the Green Racing News Virtual Summit 2021

Featuring our very own Co-CEO & CTO Bill Beverley & Chief Engineer Nathalie Capati as part of the panel!

Last Friday, the Evolectric team attended the annual Green Racing Virtual Summit 2021. Hosted by Green Racing News, an online Portal & Community promoting the transition to Zero-Emission Motorsports. This also includes news on zero emission racing covering Formula E, Extreme E, Moto E, Roborace, E1 Series, eSkootr and eRacing. Green Racing News was founded in 2020 by LATAM Mobility, the leading sustainable mobility community of Latin America.

Various topics were expanded on throughout this summit which included influential leaders in zero-emission motorsports discussing the present and future of racing, gender diversity and clean and sustainable transition.

Co-CEO & CTO Bill Beverley & Chief Engineer Nathalie Capati were humbled to moderate this series amongst outstanding panelists in the industry of motorsports.

Nathalie moderates women leader speakers alongside Co-Founder FIM E-Xplorer Chamionship, Carina Munte, & Nita Korhonen, Liaison Director of FIM (Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme).

Nathalie introduced several topics related to the industry of Motorsports. Starting with the first topic related to gender diversity and sustainability with leading women in the Motorsports sector. She expanded on the ever-growing technology innovations brought into motorsports and the changes that everyone has witnessed across this industry.

“I found a very good home at Evolectric. We’ve been able to promote what we do as Evolectric as we work together and encourage a lot of the things were doing and bringing it to LATAM. We are trying to bring electrification integration. With my background being in battery systems, we are trying to bring that ecosystem of battery systems and battery development into underserved markets where there is not a lot of that yet“, Nathalie states.

Co-CEO & CTO Bill Beverley then kicked-off the discussion where leaders related to car manufacturers elaborated on the topic of electric motorsports benefitting their sector. The final panel address the questions of “How can electric Motorsports benefit car manufacturers?”.

Presenting the final panel, Bill gave some insight of Evolectric’s mission. “Our offerings encompass purpose-built vehicle and battery solutions that advance e-mobility to rapid prototyping and standardized products. We offer zero-emissions solutions and fleet electrification to support both the US and LATAM with particular focus on closing the gap in helping fleet owners understand the total value of electrification “ explains Bill.

Bill then discussed some brief history of his experience in Motorsports.

“As I mentioned in the last summit, my own experience in the zero-emission Motorsport arena goes back to my time in special programs, with a lot of familiar faces here, working in that area of Faraday Future. Starting with our collaboration with drag racing for seasons three and four, the Formula-E racing series. Formula E was a great momentous way to get into the industry but also Faraday Future had some success leading the effort in the 2017 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb to outperform the standing production electric vehicle records. Our team at Faraday was fortunate to explore and advance electrified prototypes and production program including collaboration with OEMS partners that operated in the supercar and hyper car vehicle sectors”, Bill explains.

The Evolectric team enjoyed discussing topics that ranged from motorsports innovations, gender diversity, and the future of e-Motorsports. We acquired new knowledge and key insights that will attribute to our ongoing efforts in e-mobility.

Watch the full-video summit below: