We are Evolectric

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future and our Evolectric team is here for it! Located in Long Beach, California, our team strives to advance global electrification by enabling and providing services and products that unlock current and new electrification technologies to underserved markets.

We’re in a booming industry – the newly emerging electric vehicle industry – and we are moving full speed to build the Evolectric brand as a respected contributor in the e-mobility ecosystem. In just one year, our company has grown quickly, and we have been honored to share our journey with various organizations that are in a similar space.

Our team at Evolectric has been recognized throughout our discussions with XD Innovation, CSULB Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CSULB IIE) , Swyft Filings and many more.

In the beginning of the year, we were humbled present to CSULB IIE to dive deep into our business model and expand on the goals we have set for Evolectric from a business standpoint. We discussed about valuing diversity amongst our team in terms of work experience, cultures, and thought process. We highlighted the importance on teamwork and collaborative decision making which contributes to the major success we have had this year.

Next, we discussed one of our core “Why’s” which focuses on recyclability concerns in the XD webinar series which you can watch below.


We also addressed our overall mission as a company and our dedication to the circular economy principles to reduce waste, extend life, or reuse and recycle. We emphasized on how we opt for a sustainable and renewable approach to reduce the footprint left on the environment for future generations to come.

Then, Swyft Filing’s highlighted Evolectric in which our Co-Founder’s Bill Beverley & Jakson Alvarez elaborated on the vision for the company in terms of their short- and long-term goals. “We share a vision of making a positive global impact and improving the world for generations to come. We believe that we can accomplish this by enabling and advancing electrification worldwide.” – stated by Jakson Alvarez.

Finally we also had the opportunity to engage with many other organizations such as Dassault Systemes, 1 Million Cups, and CSULB’s Hispanic Students Business Association. Sharing the Evolectric journey and our overall thoughts on the electric vehicle industry led to another milestone. We officially launched a Clean Tech Scholarship Fund that provides funds for aspiring students in California.

At Evolectric, we are working to close the education gap on electrification technology. Our goal is to empower our customers to feel comfortable and aware of the benefits and drawbacks of these newly developed systems and components. We want to be known for our high caliber of expertise, for a good culture, and as an enabler for our customers. We enable and advance electrification.

Visit our LinkedIn to learn more about Evolectric! https://www.linkedin.com/company/evolectric