Evolectric Welcomes New Advisory Board Members

As we embark on 2022, Evolectric celebrates the expansion of our Advisory Board! We are both humbled and excited to have added three key members to the team that is helping us advance our mission to enable and advance electrification.

Our board is composed of prominent experts in the clean technology and transportation industries. We invite you to meet our newest additions below:

Evolectric Advisory Board additions:

Dr. James Burns – Advisory Board Member, Technology

“I know enough people that know enough people, but this is definitely an embryonic stage of development of large implementations of technology. It’s relationships building first, seeing across a broad swath of technology. I can provide advantageous counsel, to Evolectric as it grows.”

Dr. James Burns has over two decades of experience within the electric drive transportation and energy systems industry. His entrepreneurial drive has led to several successful ventures which include Transpower (Acquired by Meritor), Proensis, and Motorsports Internal L3Research.

Andrew Pontius - Advisory Board Member, Product
Andrew Pontius – Advisory Board Member, Product

“I can challenge the Evolectric team to be sure that the product that they’re coming up with properly fits the needs of the market that they want to target.”

Andrew brings over 30 years of experience across the automotive industry. His expertise is comprised of engineering management, product development, program management, marketing, technical sales, operations, and complex problem solving.

Jeffrey Cripe - Advisory Board Member, Financing
Jeffrey Cripe – Advisory Board Member, Financing

“I’d really love to work with these guys on finding them the right Capital Partners by helping them raise rounds quickly from the right people. That way the Evolectric team focuses on what they do best, which is build technology and get it out into the market and operate. “

Jeff has several years of experience across various sectors with a focus on business development. Jeff is the founder and CEO of Ara (previously Cargo), which provides advertising and commerce services to the rideshare industry.

What’s Next?

The Evolectric Advisory Board is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds, expertise, and thought processes. These experienced leaders will provide unique insights into our customers’ needs and help shape our battery and vehicle solutions to drive forward vehicle electrification.

“We are thrilled to announce our ever-growing Advisory Board and for this opportunity to combine skillsets to push forth Evolectric’s success. These individuals share our passion and entrepreneurial drive to advance technologies and electrification to emerging markets and underserved segments.” Co-CEO and CFO, Co-Founder Jakson explains.

“Our latest addition to the Advisory Board includes experts with great talent. With their guidance, we expect Evolectric to strive to the next level to grow and become successful in 2022 and for many years to come. Sharing different viewpoints will allow the team to explore innovative solutions that address pain points among this industry.” CEO & CTO, Co-Founder Bill Beverley states.

We look forward to collaborating with the board’s valuable and diverse perspectives throughout our journey. Welcome to the Evolectric family!